NAC word cloudHow To Join The NAC

If you'd like to join the National Advisory Council (NAC) and represent the views of thalidomide survivors, you can find out what's involved in the election process and how to apply here.

What are the criteria to stand for election?

The NAC is made up of 12 beneficiaries who are all elected by the beneficiary community. You have to be a Thalidomide Trust beneficiary to stand as a candidate for an NAC election as it is important that it represents the views of thalidomide survivors. You also have to be a beneficiary to vote.

The election process

NAC Elections are held on an annual basis at the beginning of the year. The NAC Chair will write to beneficiaries (who have opted in to communications about elections) and ask them to consider standing for the upcoming election. This is your opportunity to express an interest in becoming a member. The amount of people who are elected onto the NAC will vary year on year depending on which current members have come to the end of their term. Once you've decided to stand you will be required to write a manifesto and complete a Declaration of Interest. Then it is up to your fellow beneficiaries to vote you in!

How do the terms work?

Terms currently last for 4 years once a member is elected onto the NAC. A member can re-stand once their 4 years is up, although at this point they will need to be voted back in by the beneficiaries.

A member can only serve 3 terms in a row. They will then have to stand down from the NAC for at least 1 year before re-standing.

beneficiaries at a thalidomide trust open day event to meet others and share information
NAC members Simone and Carolyn at a Trust Open Day event

Should I stand?

The NAC is always looking for new members to join them.

It is important that it is as representative and diverse as possible. If you have skills (technical, admin, voluntary, organisational just to name a few) that you think you could bring to the Trust and are passionate about being the voice for beneficiaries, then standing for the NAC is a great idea.

If you’re unsure we can always put you in touch with a current NAC member. They can talk to you about what it’s like to serve on the NAC and what is involved.


I'd like to apply

If you’d like to stand for the NAC email Charlotte Black for details, or call on 01480 474074.

Charlotte Black