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Winter 2023

It’s NAC election time again and David Alexander shares his application experience. There’s news on the next Trust Open Day and upcoming Local Events. Plus feedback on your queries and ideas that influence the NAC’s work. We also have information on bidet toilets, using a financial adviser and what to do about muscle spasms.

Autumn 2022

This time our articles include experiences of a new NAC member attending Finance Committee meetings, updates from Health & Wellbeing, and tips for keeping warm as winter approaches. There’s a factual review of the beneficiary settlement of 1973. Finally, Geraldine Freeman is campaigning for improved airline access for wheelchairs – read her story!

Summer 2022

Read updates about our campaigns and strategic planning, headlines from our beneficiary survey and the latest from the Diageo discussions. There’s a focus on our online events calendar, an introduction to our new Communications Officer. Plus a lovely write-up about the amazing jubilee celebrations of the Thalidomide Society and a motability update too.

Spring 2022

Read our feedback from the Trauma and self-care webinar, an insight into inflation and how it affects beneficiaries, plus details on the Future Care Costs project and report. We introduce new NAC member David Alexander and have details on a new Meetup group for those who are visually impaired.

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