Achieving International Distinction

Honorary Fellowship awarded to Rosie for her contribution to equality and rights for disabled people

Rosie Moriarty Simmonds received an Honorary Fellowship from Cardiff University in July 2017. Here's her story:
"I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded an Honorary Fellowship from Cardiff University, for my “contribution to equality and rights for disabled people.”

The Honorary Fellowship is a prestigious award which Cardiff University bestows on those who have achieved international distinction in their field.

I, and the other recipients this year, will be joining a host of very eminent people - as prior recipients - from the worlds of Journalism, Sport, Art, Business and Academia.

I am humbled and honoured by the award - coming thirty two years after I graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in Psychology.

The Fellowship was presented on the 21st July 2017, during the graduation ceremony for Students from the Departments of Healthcare Sciences, Psychology and Modern Languages.

The event took place at Cardiff’s St. David’s Hall in front of a capacity audience of two thousand people, comprising Students and their families, invited guests and Academic Staff from the University.”

The very moving and emotional ceremony was recorded live, and Cardiff University have kindly shared the video with us: