Be Benefit Aware

Make sure you are benefit aware by claiming the benefits that you are entitled to

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Benefits, such as PIP, are in place to help you meet the additional costs of living with a disability. Even though you get a Health Grant from the Government, they still expect that you will be claiming these benefits too.

We know that many of you are not claiming for a number of reasons, including:

  • You are not sure if you are eligible
  • The application process feels too complicated
  • You are anxious about your Trust grants

We can help you with all these concerns.

Benefits can make a significant contribution to your income. The current weekly and annual rates for PIP are shown here. So can you afford not to claim?

Rates 2020 - 2021 Daily Living Component - Enhanced Daily Living Component - Standard Mobility Component - Enhanced Mobility Component - Standard
Weekly £ 89.15 59.70 62.25 23.60
Annual £ 4,635.80 3,104.40 3,237 1,227.20

It is important to remember that any grants you get from the Trust are not counted as income when you are assessed for benefits. This was set out in law in 2017.

We can provide a letter of support that explains this with any application for benefits that you make. We know that in the past many of you had to answer lots of questions about Trust grants, but thanks to this exemption, this is no longer the case.

Key Benefits For Disabled People

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Why You Should Claim PIP Soon


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