Beneficiary’s Mum Survives Covid-19

elderly lady coming out of hospital in wheelchairGreat news for beneficiary Simon Wilcock whose mum has recently recovered from the Covid-19 virus

Simon and his family are thrilled that his mum has beaten the Covid-19 virus. She has dementia and lives in the Hollies care home.

During the first few weeks of her illness Simon and his family were fearing the worst, but she slowly began to get better.

The nurses in the hospital have been amazing in looking after her and helping the family keep in touch, in particular a carer called Alex. Although they couldn't go in to see her, they made visits to her window. Simon managed to get a phone sent in for his mum. When Alex was working he would phone Simon and let the family speak to her a couple of times a day. Alex also visited Simon's mum on some of his days off so that she wouldn't feel lonely and isolated without her family. He has been a star.

The story of her recovery has been on their local news.  Simon added,

"After 5 weeks in a small room mum has given Covid-19 a good kicking! Please share her story as we all need some positives just now."