Call the Midwife

The new series of ‘Call the Midwife’ which started on Sunday 17 January features a strong Thalidomide storyline.  This has generated  a lot of media interest and a number of articles have already appeared. You can see a range of the media coverage below. 

HEALTH: Life after thalidomide

Viscount's heir reveals thalidomide plight 

New documentary will explore Manchester journalist’s role in exposure of Thalidomide scandal - See more at:

Please read article from Bella magazine - We are the thalidomide babies

As Call the Midwife tackles Thalidomide, survivors are still waiting for justice 

Call the Midwife will tackle issues from the pill to thalidomide in latest series set in the 60s 

The Sunday Times - “I heard the baby cry and the doctors talking. I knew something wasn’t right”

Thalidomide survivor hopes Call the Midwife storyline will change society's views on disability 


Radio Times: Call the Midwife is known for tackling sad and serious issues, but season five is focusing on one in particular: Thalidomide. "The sense of ...

How Call the Midwife filmed Thalidomide birth scenes 

Radio Times: Poplar, Call the Midwife's pocket of period East End, is currently being rocked by an unknown threat. Babies are being born with shocking defects, ...

Call the Midwife's Stephen McGann: Doctor Turner will be changed by Thalidomide scandal