Caroline Glendinning Completes Pennine Way Walk

two grannies and a girlTwo grannies and a girl complete the Pennine Way in aid of charity Boaz Trust

Caroline Glendinning has completed her walk of the Pennine Way and has sent this update on the experience, letting us all know how they got on and thanking everyone for their support.

Caroline says, "The two grannies (aged 70-ish) are so pleased to have completed our walk of the Pennine Way in 18 days – 268 of England’s (and a few of Scotland’s) toughest miles. We are also very proud of the girl/granddaughter, who navigated; tolerated us with unfailing good humour and patience; and held onto us when the wind threatened to blow us off our feet (yes Cross Fell, I’m referring to you).

For the first two weeks the weather was mainly atrocious. We had rain, from constant heavy drizzle to torrential downpours; swollen streams that became raging torrents; gale-force winds (Cross Fell again); and mud of every description – peat bog, forest bog, cow-puddled clay, plain ordinary mud. But when the rain stopped and the clouds lifted, the air was clear and the views were superb - I’m thinking particularly of Top Withens, Cam High Road above Hawes, Hadrian’s Wall and (OK, grudgingly) Cross Fell. Though it seems churlish to complain, it was almost too hot over the final weekend, but it did mean we were able to finish with a couple of superb days’ walking high on the remote Border Ridge in the Cheviots before descending to Kirk Yetholm.

We would never had managed it without the fantastic support of many friends at home and people all along the way, who supplied pots of tea at the end of a long day, dried our boots, washed our clothes, gave us beds for the night, accompanied us for a days’ walking, ferried in fresh supplies of fruit cake and chocolate and sent constant messages of encouragement and support. And I’m completely overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people who made donations to the Boaz Trust in recognition of our efforts. You were clearly far more confident than me that I’d actually finish the trek and it certainly helped to keep me going during some tough stretches.

However, these challenges are minor compared to those experienced by Boaz Trust clients before and during their journey to the UK, and for whom Boaz Trust is often their only source of support once they arrive in this hostile environment. Boaz is equally grateful for all the support you’ve given. Tim Emerton from  Boaz says “Thank you so much for your support. Your donation means that we can continue to provide safe accommodation and support to people who are facing homelessness and destitution here in the UK after often perilous and traumatic journeys to escape war and persecution. Last year we were able to work with 160 people from 32 countries - on behalf of all of our clients, thank you.”

There is still time to make a donation to mark our achievement and support Boaz Trust – go to our page on the Everydayhero website. Thank you once again for your support.

Now it’s time for a little lie down!"