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logo for Future LearnFree online course on how to improve working relationships between disabled people and personal assistants

FutureLearn are running a free online course starting Monday 6th April.

This is a free online course taking place over 4 weeks at 2 hours a week. The free access is available for 5 weeks from the beginning of the course.

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Here’s what to expect –

Improve working relationships between disabled people and personal assistants

Disabled people can now receive funding from their local authority to employ a personal assistant. While this gives them more personalised care in their own home, it also turns them into an employer.

This online course explores the role of personal assistance, and the risks and opportunities associated with it.

The course will encourage you to discuss ways to avoid and/or manage personal conflicts, whether you’re a disabled person or a personal assistant. It’s based on new evidence about the close working relationship between disabled people and their support workers – and how to improve it.

What topics will you cover?

  • Introduction to Independent Living and Personal Assistance
  • Recruitment: finding the right fit
  • What sort of personal assistance relationship works for you?
  • Understanding potential difficulties in personal assistance relationships
  • Understanding and managing practical difficulties
  • Understanding and managing personal difficulties
  • Understanding and managing process difficulties
  • Understanding and resolving conflict
  • Moving forward with personal assistance relationships

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