Men’s Health Awareness Week 2024

2 speech balloons with the words Men's Health, used to promote the need to talk about men's healthThis year's Men's Health Awareness Week theme is to encourage men to share their stories

Join our online informal Men's Health Chat with Dr Tim Fenn on Wednesday 12 June 11 am and connect with other male beneficiaries.

Are there any areas of your health that you would like to find out more information about? At this online event you can air your views and find out what other beneficiaries are interested in. Maybe you want to stop smoking, get more active, or find out more about your prostate.

Please contact the Trust on 01480 474074  or email for details about joining the Zoom session on Wednesday 12 June at 11 am. Alternatively you can book your place through our Events Calendar.


Find out more about Dr Tim Fenn here (please note you will need to be logged in to see the information)


The focus for this year's national event is Let's talk Prostrate (and Everything Else Men's Health!).

Visit the Men's Health Forum website for more information.


For more information on men's health in general, and from previous years' awareness weeks, you can visit our Men's Health website page.