Get Yourself Active

Sue blogs about exercise, keeping fit and being the first massage therapist using their feet!

Sue Kent has been featured in a blog for Get Yourself Active, a partnership led by Disability Rights UK to develop opportunities for disabled people to get active.

She has written about her personal experience with exercise and health.

"My name is Sue Kent and I am a sports massage therapist with a difference - I use my feet to provide massage in my clinic in Wales. I am the first person to gain this qualification using my feet and have had the privilege to work at the Paralympics in 2012. I have full use of my legs but 8" arms and 7 fingers. My disability was caused by Thalidomide."

Exercise is key

Sue continues, "As a result of my condition I use my body in different ways to cope with normal everyday physical tasks. Exercise is one of the major factors that can prevent and often reverse some of the constant wear and tear on my body."

"For me, having any physical disability creates vulnerability and this increases the risk of having an accident or getting an injury. The value of exercise is perhaps more important to those without disabilities to protect long-term health and independence. Exercise and strength conditioning of muscles can increase strength, core stability and balance; by doing this it helps reduce physical vulnerability."

Note: Sue's story is no longer available on the Get Yourself Active blog, but there are many other stories to help inspire you.