Grief And Bereavement Week 13-17 December 2021

red rose on tombstone to symbolise griefThe Trust's Grief and Bereavement Week - providing advice and information for beneficiaries needing support

At some stage in our lives we are all sadly, likely to experience bereavement and associated grief. Everyone experiences grief differently whether the person lost had been ill for a long time or the bereavement comes as a shock.  There is no right or wrong way to be when you grieve, whatever you are feeling is right for you.

Grief can be particularly overwhelming at certain times, like the anniversary of the person’s death, their birthday, or around special occasions like Christmas.

Join Our Online Discussion

The Trust is holding an online session for you to talk about what comes up for you around the subject of Death.

‘Let’s Talk about Death’ is being held on Wednesday 15th December at 15:00.

Please contact the Trust Office on 01480 474074 for details of how to join or visit our Events calendar page.

We’ve also put together some advice and signposting to help you navigate the difficult and challenging times that follow a bereavement.


What to do When Someone Dies?

woman at a funeral putting her hand on coffin

Information on the practicalities entailed in a death, and who to get in touch with

Coping with Grief and Loss

man comforting grieving friend

Explaining the grieving process and things you can do to help get through this

Talk Together Service

If you are experiencing grief, it can feel very lonely. Talking about what you are experiencing can help.

Beneficiary volunteers can provide support through the Trust's Talk Together service. Talk Together is a confidential, free contact service for Thalidomide Trust beneficiaries to help combat loneliness and isolation. If you need a friendly ear the Trust will put you in touch with another beneficiary who has time to listen, the perspective to understand and the right skills to support.

Find out more about Talk Together and request a call

Lift Up

Bereavement can lead to  you experiencing symptoms of low mood which may include feeling:

  • Sad
  • Anxious or panicky
  •  More tired than usual or being unable to sleep
  • Angry or frustrated
  • Low on confidence or self-esteem

figure giving another figure a helping handLift-Up is a self-help service to support those who are experiencing low mood. This service includes support by a trained beneficiary Lift-Up supporter spread over six weeks with a weekly telephone call. In addition, the supporter will guide you through a workbook to help you understand what low mood is and how to make changes to improve your mood.  Findings have shown that all those who have taken part in the Lift Up programme have experienced improvement in their low mood due to the intervention of support.

Learn more about this service and read one beneficiary's experience of how this helped

To take part in this programme contact the Health & Wellbeing team on 01480 474074.

Planning for End of Life – You or Someone Close to You

Although it's a difficult subject, making a plan for end of life can make it easier for people to carry out someone's final wishes.

Read our helpful advice on the things to consider when planing for this difficult time.

poster for National Grief awareness week 2021National Grief Awareness Week 2-8 December 2021

The Good Grief Trust is a charity whose purpose is to help anyone affected by grief in the UK.

Their National Grief Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of the impact of grief, to normalise grief and get the public talking. They are also making people aware of the breadth of their support services.