Ideas To Keep Yourself Occupied While Self Isolating

light bulb shining to show bright ideaDuring this time of the COVID-19 outbreak it is essential to follow advice on social distancing and self isolation as necessary.  It is therefore important to look after your mental health and physical wellbeing while spending increased amounts of time at home and, for some, alone.

We all have different likes and capabilities but here is a compilation of some activities to occupy your mind and body during self isolation and social distancing.

We value your experiences so please post any ideas you might have on the Website Forum.

The Louvre ParisCultural and Nature

The world’s most popular museums are just a mouse click away thanks to incredible free virtual tours powered by Google Street View technology.
Take a virtual tour of the worlds top 10 museums is the world’s leading philanthropic live nature cam network. Take a look at animals and birds in their natural habitats around the world and watch nature’s greatest spectacles, such as the Aurora Borealis.

Visit to see all the live cams

Chester Zoo logoVisit Chester Zoo and take a virtual tour to see all of their animals (through their Facebook page and Youtube)

Gardens and Gardening

spring garden flowersIf the weather is kind and you are able to garden, here are some ideas to get your garden ready for spring if you have one.
10 ideas to get you garden ready for spring

If the weather is against you, why not do a ‘virtual’ visit to a famous garden – a different experience whether you have been in real life or not.

Take a tour of the gardens at the Palace of Versailles, just outside Paris

Visit the Birmingham Botanical gardens

Some National Trust properties have virtual garden tours enabling you to experience their flagship gorgeous flowering borders.
Take a look at Hidcote in Gloucestershire

Listen To a Radio Show or Podcast

BBC Sounds logoThere are a huge range of radio shows available on BBC Sounds.

You can choose to listen to a different music genre than you usually do, immerse yourself in a travel programme or a treasure trove of drama and comedy.

Listen and let other beneficiaries know what you have enjoyed on the Thalidomide Community Forum.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Hut 33 – Sitcom set in Bletchley Park in 1941. Three codebreakers are forced to share a draughty wooden hut as they try to break German ciphers. Unfortunately, they hate each other.
  • The Now Show - Comedy sketches and satirical comments from Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis.
  • Dad’s Army – Classic sitcom, but on the radio, about the exploits of a Second World War Home Guard platoon.

Users Of British Sign Language

If you use BSL have you found "The Limping Chicken" yet?

The Limping Chick logo deaf blogThe Limping Chicken is the UK’s independently-run deaf blog and news site. Focusing on everything related to deafness & publishing blogs by Deaf people across the UK and the world.

Started in February 2012, they have clocked up nearly 6 million views, and is the most popular deaf blog in the world. They have published articles by over 200 deaf writers. If you have something to say, or a story you’d like to tell, the website also details how you can write for The Limping Chicken.

Physical Exercise

For the good of our bodies we need to keep moving even if that is in your own home.

The Generation Games from AgeUK shows you some simple moves if you can’t get out and about – you may need to adapt them depending on your ability.

Exercising Your Brain

Play word and number games to keep your brain active – there are huge numbers of these but this is a good place to start:
Brain Games

logo for Future LearnFutureLearn offer short online courses, many of which are free. Online learning offers a new way to explore subjects you’re passionate about, continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts. Choose from hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.

Visit FutureLearn


Looking after your mental health

There are a range of Apps which aim to help look after your mental health.

Take a look at some of those we have listed in our App Corner.


Disability Horizons logoDisability Horizons have a list of ’10 things to brighten your day during self isolation’ – guaranteed to raise a smile or two!

Let us know your suggestions to keep mind and body active

Share your ideas with other beneficiaries