We know that the majority of our female beneficiaries are post-menopausal and many of you are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

There is so much confusing and conflicting information and news about the menopause and treatments such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

With this in mind, we asked GP and Menopause Specialist, Dr Hannah Short, to explain menopause and the options to treat the symptoms.

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What you should know about menopause

Watch the video of our Meetup group webinar in which Dr Hannah Short explains what the menopause is, the main symptoms and how HRT and lifestyle changes can help.

Answers to the most common questions about menopause

What is the menopause?

What happens during the menopause, an explanation of the terms used to describe the different stages of menopause and a guide to the ages that these changes occur.

What are the symptoms of the menopause?

A description of the symptoms experienced during the menopause and how they can affect your body and wellbeing.

What treatment is available to treat the menopause?

Discusses Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and the different types available, how they treat the symptoms and the options for administering them.

Is HRT safe and what are the risks?

This video talks about the benefits that HRT can provide and addresses the main concerns that people have about taking it.

What are the side effects of HRT?

An explanation of the possible side effects that may occur when taking HRT and the appropriate course of action.

What can I do to help myself during menopause?

This video discusses the important health, diet and lifestyle improvements that you can make to help manage the symptoms of the menopause yourself.


BSL menopause information

NHS Scotland have a lot of menopause information in the form of BSL videos. Most of the information is relevant to anyone in the UK, but please note there may be some Scotland specific pathways where you will need to find the alternative for the country you are in.

Visit the NHS Scotland BSL page on the link below and scroll down to the menopause videos.

Find BSL menopause information videos (NHS Scotland)


Need to know more about the menopause?

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British Menopause Society


British Menopause Society

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