Vision Impairment

Sight impaired man smiling with friends outdoorsA small number of beneficiaries experience a sight or vision impairment as part of their original thalidomide damage. Many of these individuals have coloboma, a condition in which part of one or more structures inside an unborn baby’s eye does not fully develop during pregnancy. This can result in a keyhole shaped pupil which affects vision.

The World Health Organisation website states ‘Vision impairment severely impacts quality of life among adult populations. Adults with vision impairment often have lower rates of workforce participation and productivity and higher rates of depression and anxiety.’

They continue, ‘In the case of older adults, vision impairment can contribute to social isolation, difficulty walking, a higher risk of falls and fractures, and a greater likelihood of early entry into nursing or care homes.’

We share beneficiaries' experiences and information on aids and assistive technologies, treatments and strategies found to help people whose sight is impaired.


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