HNA stands for Holistic Needs Assessment. It is the new process by which we will ensure that the Trust understands and responds to changing beneficiary need.

An HNA will be offered to every single beneficiary although it will take us some time to get round all of you, we plan to see 150 people a year.

We will contact you and arrange to come and see you at your home for a one to one conversation about the things that matter most to you.

For more information about the HNA, we have produced a factsheet.

So far we have carried out 102 HNA's.

What is an Holistic Needs Assessment?
Why has the Trust introduced HNAs?
Will all beneficiaries have an HNA?
What will the HNA involve?
What are the important areas covered in the HNA?
What if I don’t want to talk about one of these areas?
Who will carry out the HNA?
Where will the HNA be carried out?
How long will the HNA take?
Who will be at the HNA?
What happens after the HNA?
I’m doing really well thanks, can I opt out?
Has the HNA process replaced the Individual Beneficiary Review (IBR) process?
That sounds great. How do I apply to have an HNA?