Resources to Get Active

We have gathered a list of websites that give tips and advice to help you get active.

The British Heart Foundation encourage everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle and have lots of handy tips to help  you along the way. Whether it is healthy eating, staying active or managing your weight, there is a wealth of ideas and tips on their Healthy Living Page.


Get Yourself Active is a website with lots of advice for people with a disability who want to get active in their local area!

Disability Horizons  was founded in 2011 and it's main purpose is to promote disabled people's independence. Their website covers a range of topics from sport's advice, the latest news and even advice on relationships and dating. You can sign up for their "Ultimate Disability Survival Guide" and they will send you key information by email.

Beneficiary and NAC member Simone Illger has produced a 30 minute stretch routine via YouTube to show how she stretches - helping her stay flexible and active. Watch her video here:

The NHS have lots of resources for staying active when you have a disability. Their website includes an "Inclusive Gym Finder", recommendations for all kinds of sports and a helpful list of national bodies who support people with disabilities.