In The BathroomWall mounted Geberit Toilet shown in a bathroom

Designing a new bathroom or adapting an existing one for accessibility requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that your needs are met. We also focus on wash and dry toilet options which help you to maintain independence.

Accessible Bathroom Planning

Things To Consider

When designing your ideal bathroom it is important that you consider your current and possible changing needs.

Popular Adaptations:

  • Walk-in & level access showers with half height shower doors or fixed screens that are wheelchair friendly
  • Shower seats: Fold-away shower seats and added comfort chairs with extra padding, arms and back-rest
  • Lower step shower trays to reduce the risk of falling
  • Wet rooms for a modern look that allow for greater ease of movement, maintenance & cleaning
  • Height adjustable wash basins
  • Bespoke grab rails:
    • Coloured rails for the visually impaired
    • Non-slip and easy to grab rails
  • Taps that supply hot water on demand and taps with thermostatic options to avoid accidental scalding
  • Heated towel rails, underfloor heating and efficient space-saving radiators
  • Recessed lighting, discreet lighting and light mirrors

Useful websites:

Ropox Bathrooms

Accessories for accessible bathrooms from Keuco

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Combined Wash and Dry Toilets, Wash and Dry Toilet Seats

Closomat logoClosomat is the only UK manufacturer of a wash and dry toilet that is designed for people with disabilities, enabling anyone with limitations to toilet with little or no help, enhancing their hygiene, independence, dignity and privacy.

Geberit are major manufacturers of automatic shower (wash and dry) toilets with a range of functions depending on your requirements.

Comfortcleanse and Tooaleta are also manufacturers/suppliers of combined wash and dry toilet systems or wash and dry toilet seats (sometimes called Japanese toilet seats).

Visit their websites to find out more and see the ranges available:





Tooaleta - Some beneficiaries have recommended the Vovo Princess all in one toilet


Closomat Disability And Conditions Guide to Finding the Right Toilet for you

Closomat have produced a Disability and Conditions guide which provides information on how a Closomat toilet can assist people with a range of disabilities. This includes how their toilets can help those affected by thalidomide.

Read the Closomat Disability and Conditions Guide

Closomat toilets

Bathroom Gadgets And Equipment

The Shower Gadget

shower gadget to make washing easier

The Shower System standard makes your everyday life easier. It is operated automatically by simply pressing against the brush. The variable height adjustment of the system is carried out manually by sliding it up or down the bar. Watch video of how to fit this system.

Visit Aglaja website and buy

Bio Bidet Toilet Seat

seat for toilets to provide washing function

Can be fitted to any toilet system to convert it into a self-washing toilet. Suitable for users who suffer with mobility. Enables independence and dignity in the bathroom. Control panel for pulsating, massage, turbo and posterior options.

Visit PDS Hygiene website and buy

Transferrable Bath Chair

Tilt in space chair for bathing and showering

The Adult Tilt in space Chair is for people who need a little extra support when seated. The chair is highly adaptable and comes with a range of adjustable features to suit the user perfectly. Geberit Compatible

Visit Osprey Group website and enquire

Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

dispenser to help you aim drops into eye

This helps you aim eye drops into the eye. Simply secure a bottle of drops inside this cylinder, turn it upside down and place over one eye. The tip is designed to ensure a single drop will go directly into the eye when you squeeze the side of it.

Visit Butterflies Eyecare website and buy