Driving Assessments

Mobility centres offer driving assessments to give you a chance to test out adaptions before buying a car.

woman in wheelchair looking into car with adapted controls

Try before you buy

Before purchasing a vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you have a driving assessment at a mobility centre. This is not as scary as it sounds! It is not designed to test your driving skills, but to help you understand what driving adaptations are available to keep you mobile and give you a chance to try before you buy.

There have been a lot of advances in motoring technology over the last few years, so it is always worth keeping up to date with the most recent advances, even if you have had an adapted vehicle before.

Car adaptation assessments give advice about controls, seating and vehicle access. If you are experiencing increasing difficulties with transferring, driving from a wheelchair may be an option.  There are often adaptations that can help with steering if you are finding turning a steering wheel is becoming a struggle.

In England and Wales you can self-refer for a driving assessment, however in Scotland you have to be referred by a Health Professional, e.g. your GP.

There is a cost to have a driving assessment and these vary from £40 - £100. You can use your Health Grant to fund this cost.

There are Mobility Centres across the countries that carry out these assessments.
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I am finding it increasingly difficult to drive – should I give up driving?

A car is a great way of keeping someone independent, so if you are beginning to find it difficult to drive, please speak to our H&W team who can advise you on what to do. This could range from having physiotherapy, having a driving assessment or a discussion about what adaptations may help you to maintain the ability to drive for as long as possible.


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