Health Grant News

We received a letter from the Department of Health 30th November 2012, via email at 18.25.

The Department of Health is working on the basis that they will be able to continue the Health Grant funding for longer than a three year period, and are agreeing the final stages with Treasury.

The Department of Health does not say for how long, nor the amount, yet.

However, the letter also talks about the public announcement they will make and that this announcement deserves public attention. In conversation with Norman Lamb he had said that he would be delighted to have as many thalidomiders as can make it in the public gallery, so to extrapolate from that, we cannot imagine the Health Grant will be reduced from its current amount. Nor do we imagine that they will extend it only for a further three year period. That wouldn’t be such good publicity.

The Department of Health says this will be within the next two to three weeks.

We know this time of year is very busy for us all, and with the threat of a harsh winter already on us, and an exciting white Christmas in the south, we are all going to be naturally anxious about whether we will be able to make the date in Westminster, especially if we are given short notice. The campaign team will do the best we can to get the information to you as quickly as possible. We, you, all need to ensure that when we, you, hear the news, that we inform each other. Please all help us in sharing the news.