Latest News from the NAC: Autumn 2021

Thalidomide Trust NAC member Rowland BarehamNAC Chair, Rowland Bareham, provides an update on key actions discussed at the strategy day

NAC Awayday/Strategy Day

The NAC met face-to-face earlier this month (over two days) to discuss a number of topics, including ways of improving its representative role of the beneficiary community to the Trustees.  I would like to report to you a few of the issues that we discussed.

Diageo Review

The Chairs of the Trustees and the NAC are meeting with Diageo next year for a review of the financing of the Trust (supported by others including Trust staff).  The last review in 2016 resulted, for the Trust, in an increase in financial support and an improvement in financial security.

Currently, we have a working group (known as the Diageo Chairs’ Review Working Group) consisting of three trustees, three NAC members and the three directors of the Trust. Ideas about the issues to bring to Diageo have been collated from the Trustees, NAC and staff. Now, it is the turn of the beneficiary community to give us ideas. I will be writing to all of you to ask for your ideas, so that by the time we meet with Diageo, the NAC will have consulted with the beneficiary community.

Grünenthal Foundation

Whilst the NAC have had no contact with Grünenthal GmbH (the company), we have been in discussions with the Grünenthal Foundation to discuss our concerns about the fact that their current funding programme is neither transparent or fair to our beneficiaries. We are trying to secure significant improvements that will enable all beneficiaries to access funding if they have unmet needs. These discussions are ongoing, and I will keep you posted.

As ever, please do let us have your feedback via email.

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