Latest News From The NAC: Summer 2021

Thalidomide Trust NAC member Rowland BarehamNAC Chair, Rowland Bareham, provides an update on key actions and decisions from recent meetings

NAC Q&A follow up for the May meeting – held 11 June 2021

As part of the communication improvements being implemented by our excellent Communications Officer, Sarah, there was an NAC feedback meeting via Meetup to give beneficiaries an opportunity to put questions to myself and Carolyn, following the NAC’s May meeting.

Previously, only one or two people joined the conference calls that we set up following NAC meetings (May/November).  However, this time we had 15 people come along to the 1 hour Meetup session (10 of whom were not NAC members and 6 of whom asked questions or made comments). This was for an hour at 11am on a Friday. Read notes from the meeting here.

We will hold a Meetup session again after our November meeting and hopefully even more of you will join us to ask questions and get answers.  As ever, we’ll be looking at how we can improve things even further to improve interactions between the NAC and the beneficiary community it represents.

Awayday / Strategy Day

The NAC has been functioning principally through the Zoom conference facility for its main meetings with the trustees and staff, its monthly conference calls and other meetings.  With the relaxation of Government restrictions, the NAC are hopefully going to be meeting up face-to-face early in October to discuss ways of improving its representative role of the beneficiary community to the trustees.  I’ll report back to you in our next newsletter.

As ever, please do let us have your feedback via email.


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