Latest News From The NAC: Summer 2022

Thalidomide Trust NAC member Rowland BarehamNAC Chair, Rowland Bareham, provides an update on actions and progress during the last quarter

I was thinking about the seasons and which of winter, spring, summer, or autumn that is the most preferred. For me, it is the summer, of which today is a lovely summer's day to write my update.

Diageo discussions

We have had three of our scheduled meetings. As I have explained before, it is not possible to give a running commentary on the progress of these meetings until we have concluded them at the end of the year. I can tell you that we have been guided by the outcomes of the beneficiary consultation we held with you at the end of last year, ahead of the Diageo talks. These were to improve funding for us, for Diageo to understand our changing needs and for the provision of funding to help with our health problems. These are growing and becoming more complex in areas such as mental health, pain management and cognitive decline.

Many thanks to all those who took part in the beneficiary consultation, which has proven to be an invaluable resource for our discussions with Diageo. We will be undertaking two more discussion meetings with Diageo from September onwards. The final meeting (in November) will be the one where the Chairs of Diageo, trustees and NAC meet. Any announcements can be expected after November.

Grünenthal Foundation

In the recent beneficiary feedback survey, around 53% of you were aware of the Grunenthal Foundation but 42% of you were not. Given the level of awareness of this source of funding is so low, a factsheet is being prepared about the Foundation. Interestingly, around three quarters of those who were aware of the Foundation have applied for funding or would consider applying for funding in the future.

Strategic planning

The NAC has been working with the trustees and staff on the next five year strategic plan with members sitting on the five strategic goal working groups. There has been good progress so far and you can read more about this in the Health & Wellbeing Committee update report from the Summer 2022 newsletter.

I think it is fair to say that if you don’t plan then you are effectively planning to fail, which is why this development work on the Trust’s strategic plan is so very important.

Finally, have a great summer.

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