Men’s Health Awareness Week 2022

This year Men’s Health Awareness week is 13-19 June - join us for our events

The Thalidomide Trust's Men’s Health Forum Events

Men’s Health Forum webinar

Dr Dee Morrison, Medical Adviser, held a webinar about Men’s Health, on Wednesday 8 June at 14:00, followed by a Q&A and discussion session. A recording of this session is now available to watch on the Men’s Health page.

Catch up with the boys – this event is now closed

An opportunity to meet with other male beneficiaries online for an informal sociable session. Bring a drink and get comfortable with the conversation. Wednesday 15 June 12:30pm via Zoom.

The Men’s Health Forum campaigns and information

This year the Men’s Health Forum who run Men’s Health Awareness week are asking all men to give themselves a Man MOT. Afterall, you know what it feels like to be you and a few checks can ensure you stay finely tuned.

Men's Health Awareness week 2022 theme - get your man MOT


Why do men need an MOT?

While focusing on the pandemic other serious conditions have been under reported by the public. For instance, Prostate cancer diagnoses were down 29% between 2019 & 2020. Prostate cancer is not getting rarer, but men were not seeing their GPs and starting the process of getting diagnosed. Visits by males to their GPs fell more than females' visits during the pandemic. There were good reasons for the low levels of GP visits during lockdown, but things are different now. If you have noticed any changes or have any questions about your health, please get in contact with the Health & Wellbeing Team or one of the Trust’s medical advisers.

The message to men from the Men’s Health Forum

It's a simple one: it's time for your MOT.

The Men’s Health Forum website offers support and advice on additional health issues affecting men. They have the following resources available to buy:

The Trust has a supply of these leaflets available. If you are interested in receiving any, please contact the Health & Wellbeing Team 01480 474074 or email [email protected]