Michelle Hodson-Curran

Michelle Hodson-Curran
As all beneficiaries are aware Michelle Hodson-Curran, the Trust’s Director of Health & Wellbeing, recently died suddenly and unexpectedly at her home in Norfolk. We are all very saddened by this news.We have received a number of enquiries from beneficiaries about whether donations and sympathy cards can be sent.Donations
The family do not want flowers.  They have said that if you wish to make a donation in Michelle’s memory these can be made to

Chron’s and Colitis UK

If you wish to make a donation – please make cheques payable to the applicable charity (as shown above) and send them to the Trust office.  We will then collate them and send them on.

Sympathy Card
If you wish to send a sympathy card or note to Michelle’s husband, Anthony, and son, Elliott, please send it to the Trust office and we will send it on to them.

On Thursday 25 June the staff team together with a number of Trustees and beneficiaries attended Michelle Hodson-Curran's memorial service in Nottingham where she grew up.

It was a very beautiful service attended by many who loved Michelle and her husband mentioned how Michelle loved working at the Trust.

Here is a copy of the order of service.
Order of service