Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

This information is designed specifically to help beneficiaries of the Trust with their PIP applications. Getting the application form right – i.e. providing enough good information about your condition, and them confirming that information at the assessment is absolutely essential to a successful application for PIP.

There is a wealth of good quality general information available about PIP, particularly the Disability Rights Guide to claiming PIP. The information contained in this PIP Pack however focuses on the experience of thalidomide affected people and their individual needs.

What is PIP

PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment and it is the name of the new benefit that has been introduced to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The PIP Process


personal independence payment benefit

Apply For PIP Before Retirement

older person filling in form

Videos – Applying For PIP


Thalidomide Trust PIP Workshop Video

Condition Insight Report

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Additional Information