PIP Condition Insight Report

The Trust has worked with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and both the companies that carry out PIP assessments to put together a document called a Condition Insight Report. This report explains the particular health issues beneficiaries face due to thalidomide that assessors need to understand before carrying out a PIP assessment.

This is an internal DWP document but we have been given permission to share it with you all.

cover for Thalidomide Embryopathy condition insight report

Using the Condition Insight Report to support your PIP application

All PIP assessors should have been made aware of the Condition Insight Report by the DWP. However, we recommend that you send a copy of the report when you submit your PIP application and have a copy with you when you have your face to face assessment and ask the assessor to confirm they have read it.


Download The Condition Insight Report


As a reminder, it is really important that you contact the Trust as soon as you are notified that you have to apply for PIP.

This is because we can provide you with important information to support your application. We can also help you to make a strong application that clearly evidences your needs.

Once you let us know that you are making an application for PIP (or are being reassessed), we will take the following actions:

  • Allocate your case to a H&W Coordinator. They will talk you through the process, advise you on the information to provide and make an initial assessment of your likely eligibility and award level. If you need help completing the form, the Coordinator will find a local service  (like Citizens Advice) contact them on your behalf and make an appointment for you to have help with your form.
  • Arrange a telephone call with one of the Trust Medical Advisers.  They will talk to you in detail about your health and produce a detailed and individually tailored support letter for you to submit with your application. This is a very important piece of evidence.
  • Prepare a mandatory reconsideration or appeal. If you have applied for PIP and been unsuccessful or feel your award is not correct the Trust will assist you with appealing against the decision.