NAC: 2022 Beneficiary Survey

In Focus: 2022 Beneficiary Survey - What, When and Why?

Graham Kelly - NAC member

We want your feedback

You may recall that in 2016 and 2019 you received a questionnaire asking how satisfied you were with the Trust and the different kinds of services and support it offers, as well as the NAC. The plan is to conduct these surveys once every three years, and the next one is due to happen in early 2022.

In mid-January 2022 you will receive the new questionnaire. In the past we had excellent participation by the beneficiary community with over two thirds of people completing and returning the questionnaire.

The Survey is Completely Confidential

As previously, please be completely honest in the way that you answer the questionnaire. We use an independent survey company (called Marketing Means Ltd, based in Devon) to handle all of the completed questionnaires, so that Trust staff and NAC members never see any individual’s answers.

If you do not reply in the first couple of weeks you may receive a reminder communication asking you to complete the questionnaire, but the Trust staff and NAC members never see a final list of who has responded and who has not.

If You Live In the UK

If the Trust has an email address for you, you will receive the questionnaire first by email, with a paper version arriving in the post a few days later for those who would prefer to use the paper version and send it back in the post.

If You Live Outside the UK

If the Trust has an email address for you, you will only receive the questionnaire by email this time. In the past we have sent paper copies to those outside the UK, but this has caused problems because postal delivery can be very slow in some parts of the world, both outgoing and return. If the Trust does not have an email address for you, you will receive a paper questionnaire through the post, which you can complete and post back to the Trust.

Check Your Spam Folder

Please remember that there is a risk that the survey invitation email may go into your spam folder, so please check this folder. You will have a reminder in January to do this check, about the time that the questionnaire is being sent.

Advance Notice About the Survey

The purpose of this article is to give everybody advance notice that this will be happening in January 2022, and there will be other reminders nearer the time.

Graham Kelly from the Thalidomide Trust's NACPlease Do Complete the Questionnaire

The survey is completely voluntary, but we hope that you take part, as the majority of beneficiaries have in each of the previous surveys. The results of these surveys are regularly used to help inform and influence discussions among staff, trustees and NAC members. They increase the understanding of beneficiary views, what is working well and where changes are needed.

Thank you.

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