NAC Finance Committee Highlights: Future Money Matters 3

Phil Williams reports on Future Money Matters 3, a virtual event held in June 2021

You may recall that there have previously been two Future Money Matters (FMM) events face-to-face in Birmingham and Stansted. Given the pandemic, we didn’t want to put off FMM3 indefinitely – so we took the decision to hold it as a zoom webinar.

What is Future Money Matters?

These events are designed to help beneficiaries with any aspects of money-related issues. The Trust can not legally give financial advice, of course, but can share knowledge and signpost us to solutions.

If you were unable to attend  – or did attend and need a recap – the great news is that the videos are now available online; edited with subtitles. You can watch whichever short sessions interest you:

Watch the videos from Future Money Matters 3 held in June 2021

The presenters included representatives from professional firms on various topics. There was also an excellent session on Trust investments by two trustees, Kevin Wesbroom and Mark Benstead. I would urge every beneficiary to watch that one as they bust a few myths and clearly explain the position. It’s fantastic to see our trustees getting involved; thank you both.

So what was the feedback on Future Money Matters 3?

  • All webinar sessions were rated highly with an average score of 9.28 (out of 10) recorded from 55 responses on this question.
  • The overwhelming majority of the beneficiaries who signed up had not attended either of the previous Future Money Matters sessions.
  • Initial feedback from beneficiaries showed that they will be taking positive action as a result of information obtained.
  • 93% of beneficiaries said they prefer an online event (or had no preference) over an in-person event.

What next for Future Money Matters?

It’s fantastic the event was well-received and interesting and that the online format was so popular. This is maybe a sign of the times! It also meant that many beneficiaries were able to choose just those one-hour sessions on the topics that were interesting or relevant to them, rather than travel to attend sessions that weren’t.

The detailed feedback is being analysed and includes some very good ideas on topics that could be dealt with in another Future Money Matters event, should this be the way forward.

May I say a huge thank you to Jeff Prevost (Finance Co-ordinator - Beneficiary Support) who worked so hard before, during and after this very successful event.

If you have any questions about Future Money Matters or other finance matters, please do not hesitate to email Jeff Prevost at the Trust, or email Phil Williams on the NAC.

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