NAC Health & Wellbeing Committee Highlights: A Plan For The Future

Table covered with documents and post it notes being reviewed by people during a planning meeting

The Trust's next 5 year strategic plan is being developed to set its new objectives

Carolyn Desforges - NAC Co-chair of the Health and Wellbeing Committee

Whilst it might seem that the work of our Trust staff is routine, in fact, it is guided by a strategic plan. Strategic planning is important because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. The plan guides day-to-day decisions and allows for evaluation of progress to ensure the Trust is achieving the goals necessary for supporting beneficiaries’ needs. Our last plan began in October 2017 and completes at the end of September 2022. Each plan lasts for five years.

The Trust management team, trustees, and NAC members met for a joint awayday in February 2022, to begin developing the strategic plan which will run from October 2022 through to September 2027. Deborah, Katy and Suzanne have also involved all their team members in the process through their respective team meetings. It is important to include all those working for and with the Trust so that we can think about how our activities and responsibilities fit into the larger picture, so we can contribute to outcomes most effectively.

At last February’s meeting, we began with ensuring the “vision” and direction of work is appropriate for beneficiaries’ current needs and we also agreed on the five goals that we want to achieve in order to make our vision a reality.

Our Updated Vision, Ethos and Strategic Goals

Our Vision is that each and every beneficiary of the Trust has access to the resources and support they need to live their best life for the longest time.

Our Ethos (the way we work)

We put the beneficiary community at the heart of everything we do. We are supportive, non-judgmental, inclusive and fair - and are committed to beneficiary empowerment and maintaining effective two-way communication with beneficiaries.

Our Strategic Goals

  •  To ensure the Trust’s income is secure, financial risk is effectively managed and adequate funding is available to meet the increasing needs of beneficiaries as they age.
  • To apply the Trust’s resources strategically, effectively and equitably (in order to achieve our vision).
  • To ensure that all beneficiaries have access to the best possible information, advice, advocacy, services and support – both within and outside the Trust – as they age and their physical and mental health needs increase.
  • To ensure effective (two-way) sharing of knowledge and learning for the benefit of the beneficiary community and for wider public benefit.
  • To ensure that the individual beneficiary’s needs remain paramount, even when third parties (families, carers, representatives) have a role in acting on their behalf.

In addition to our five strategic goals, we identified two cross-cutting aims:

  • To ensure we have the right people, structure and decision-making processes in place to deliver our vision and goals.
  • To continue to build the best possible evidence of beneficiaries’ evolving needs and the cost of effectively meeting those needs.

Working groups are in place to finalise the plan which will begin in October 2022

Since then, five working groups have been established – one for each strategic goal - to give careful thought to developing specific objectives and milestones needed to ensure goals are met. We are ensuring that these are realistic, thoroughly researched, and quantifiable so that progress can be measured. The plan will be completed by September 2022, to begin in October 2022 (though some elements of the plan may be dependent on additional funding from the current discussions with Diageo). Once finalised, our strategic plan will be available for everyone to see.

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