NAC: Meetups And Webinars

illustration of a lap top screen showing 4 people attending an online meeting, with a cup of coffee in the foregroundIn Focus: Our online Meetups and webinars help people to connect, learn and have fun

Helen Shore - NAC member

How getting online can benefit you

When Covid came along everything had to go online. It helped us to keep in touch with people, it helped reduce isolation, we learned a lot and we had a lot of fun.

Now that the Covid restrictions are much reduced and lots of people are getting out and about and back on with their lives, at least to some extent, I want to highlight the fact that there’s still a lot happening online with meetups and webinars.

Choose from a wide range of events

Here’s a selection of some of the meetups.

  • How do you garden? -  ideas to enhance your gardening ‘know-how’ and your outdoor space creativity.
  • Weigh To Go - help and support to lose weight and get your health in good order.
  • Chill & Chat - come and have  a coffee with people that you haven’t seen for a long time or meet some new friends.

In addition to the meetups are our webinars. Here you can learn a new skill like foreign cookery or focus on health-related topics such as Men’s Health. Recently we held our Future Money Matters series which included a wealth of relevant financial information. These events are often recorded so that you can watch them at another time if you are busy or even if you are shy!

If you’re interested in finding out what’s going on, visit our events calendar. It contains all the details and links with new events being added all the time.

Stay connected to your community

All our meetups and webinars are free and new faces are always welcome. So please come and join us and feel free to share something of your life, successes and struggles with us. If Covid has taught us anything, it is that we need community and your community is here for you.

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