NAC Stories: Introducing David

We are pleased to welcome David Alexander as a NAC member this month, April 2022

David is 60 and was brought up in Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland. However, for the last 30 plus years he has lived in Alloa, the main town in Scotland’s smallest county – Clackmannanshire. And yes, that is a real place! He has been married for 32 years and has one son who is 23.

This is his perfect weekend…

TV night in or night on the town?  I’m happy with either but maybe on balance TV night in.

Take away or eating out? I like to eat out.

Action movie or historical drama? Action movie.

Who or what is your screensaver?  On my laptop, I have a picture of our favourite holiday spot in Cyprus. On my phone it's my lovely wife.

Early bird or night owl? If there is football on the TV - night owl.

Whisky or Wine? Neither - Maybe I’m not a real Scot I know as I don't like Whisky! I would choose beer or rum.

Rugby or Football?  Football. My football team is a small team in the lower leagues in Scotland called Albion Rovers. They were my local team growing up.

What’s your signature dish?  I do a mean mac'n'cheese and I also do a nice steak.

I couldn’t get through the weekend without… the football.

And for those longer breaks – Staycation or travelling abroad? Travelling abroad.


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