NAC: Trust Local Events

Julie BeveridgeIn Focus: New in-person events are planned enabling beneficiaries, staff and NAC members to meet

Carolyn Desforges and Julie Beveridge

Whilst the NAC hosts question and answer sessions after each NAC meeting via Zoom, we have been asked on occasions, when beneficiaries can meet NAC members on a face-to-face basis. In 2023, there will be three event opportunities to listen to updates from Trust staff and NAC representatives. There are also opportunities to ask questions and book 1:1 sessions with Trust staff and NAC representatives at these events.

Local events are held in different areas of the country in different years, so that beneficiaries have the chance to attend an event nearer to where they live, however, any beneficiary can travel, and attend any event should they so wish. The last local event was held in Durham in October. The event began with a presentation from Deborah Jack, our Executive Director, and Carolyn Desforges NAC member. This was followed by a health quiz led by Katy Sagoe, Director of Health & Wellbeing which gave us all insights into our beneficiary community and our health needs. In the afternoon, Susan Brennan, Medical Adviser, presented useful tips for staying healthy and managing pain. This was interspersed with plenty of time for mingling, exchanging ideas with other beneficiaries, and of course, drink breaks and lunch! 1:1 sessions were available to book over lunch and through the afternoon.

You can see photos from the event on our web page

Beneficiary feedback from the recent Durham event

Julie Beveridge, a beneficiary from Newcastle attended – Julie says:

“I wanted to attend a local event as I felt the Trust had put a lot of effort into organising them. I was looking forward to catching up with old friends and becoming more informed on how things were going at the Trust.

"I enjoyed Deborah’s presentation. I understood why she didn’t want questions until the end of the presentation. However, the presentation covered a lot of subjects and I think it would have been better to have broken it up into sections and taken questions at the end of each section. There was a lot to take in.

"I particularly enjoyed Susan’s presentation about health and wellbeing. I took a lot of tips away with me. For example, if your grandma ate it then it’s good for you! Also, if there are more than ten ingredients in a product it’s too processed. I eat healthier as a result.

"It was lovely seeing old friends again and I enjoyed having lunch with the lovely ladies. The food and beverages were very nice.

"I didn’t feel that it was correctly described as a 'drop in' event and possibly that was misleading. As there was definite structure and timings to the event I felt like the folk who turned up late missed out.

"Thanks for organising the event and for your company. To conclude, I really enjoyed the day and would definitely attend future events.”

The plans for events in 2023

  • The Open Day at St Neots - late April 2023
  • A Trust Local Event in North Wales (Wrexham area) - June 2023
  • A Trust Local Event in East of Scotland - September/October 2023

There may be some flexibility around dates if it is difficult to find suitable venues but research into this has already started so we hope we can keep to this schedule. More information nearer the time.


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