Opposition to Enoch Powell plaque

Thalidomide Trust beneficiary Catherine Bulmer has expressed her opposition to the proposed blue plaque for MP Enoch Powell. The Bishop of Wolverhampton has backed the petition to block Enoch Powell's plaque in this article published by the Guardian on 8th February. Read Catherine's letter in response to the article on the Guardian website.

Enoch Powell - Image taken from The Guardian website

"As minister of health from 1960 to 1963, Powell said no to a public inquiry into the origins of the Distaval (thalidomide) atrocity and no to every request made by a delegation of affected parents in January 1963"

Further to Catherine's letter on 13 February, Sir Harold Evans also wrote his response in a letter to the Guardian saying

"The Thalidomide families are right to protest against any honouring of Enoch Powell"