Patients Know Best Update

The Trust has been working with Patients Know Best (PKB) to pioneer a new system that is designed to make it easier to share medical information with medical professionals in a secure environment.

For a long time we have been aware of the need to inform medical professionals of the medical requirements of each beneficiary so that decisions about treatment can be made in the light of unique individual needs.

PKB will allow beneficiaries to point medical professionals to medical information including x-rays, or other imaging, along with other important notes such as a medical diary which will help experts to make informed decisions about treatment.

The patient is in full control of who is allowed to see the records and when.  The system allows beneficiaries to discuss their needs with their GP and with other medical professionals.   It also allows patients to introduce medical professionals to each other to discuss and collaborate on treatment while keeping the patient informed.

We’re working to get the system ready for use early in the New Year and over the coming months we’ll be asking more beneficiaries to help us test it.  We’ll keep you updated on our progress over the coming weeks on the VTAG pages at the Trust website.

If you have any questions about PKB or would like to be a pioneering beneficiary in the testing, then please contact Linda Patching at the Trust.