Personal Assistant Testimonials: Simone’s PA

Testimonial from Lucia - Simone's Personal Assistant, who provides support to allow her to live life

I can say that I enjoyed the work as it was a friendly and personal, but at the same time professional relationship. It fitted perfectly with my uni life and timetable at the time. I enjoyed taking Lois to school (by car or bike) and help with the daily morning routine of preparing Lois' lunchbox, doing Lois’ hair (and small personal care tasks for you such as putting on your socks, doing up your bra).

These were all simple jobs, but clearly needed, and in a way very personal. We had an easy going relationship/friendship which made it easy to spend time together, so much so that we even spent a couple of holidays together. We just got on very well. By the way, I loved how organised your household was, everything had it’s place and everything was organised and clean etc... an enjoyable work environment and an inspiration to do the same in my own home!

I also liked the occasional extra jobs like putting together a shelf, help in the garden or go shopping... or help out at one of your conferences. It was varied and often allowed me to get a bit of my own work done at the same time, e.g. I could study while you had your meetings, but I was then ready during your breaks to help with serving teas, hold doors open or at times assist with child minding...etc.