Research Funded By The Thalidomide Trust

The Trust has commissioned a number of direct research projects into the issues affecting the health and wellbeing of our beneficiaries.

We are grateful for the willingness of the beneficiary group to be actively involved in this research and share their experience of living with Thalidomide damage.

Take a look at the current projects and those already completed on the links below.

Research is also conducted by others in the UK and across the world that examines different aspects of the impact of Thalidomide. Click here to view the range of papers available.

Current Projects

Cardio Vascular Risk Research

You can help us to understand and improve the health of the Thalidomide community.

Find out more or apply to take part in our current research project in partnership with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

Completed Projects

Our completed research projects focus on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues as well as looking into the cost of living implications for people affected by Thalidomide.

The most recent project is “The changing health of Thalidomide survivors as they age: A scoping review.”

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