Worldwide Thalidomide Research

The Trust has compiled a bibliography of research that has been conducted by others in the UK and across the world, which is known to them. This is intended to provide reference material to anyone requiring further information on thalidomide and it's effects.

We do not claim that this list is exhaustive and therefore we may add more listings as we become aware of them.

You can also read research that has been commissioned by the Thalidomide Trust here.

Thalidomide Defects

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    Vascular Biology and Vascular Medicine

Medical Health

  1. K. Stromland, M.T. Miller
    Thalidomide embryopathy: revisited 27 years later
    Acta Ophthalmol, 71 (2) (1993), pp. 238-245
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  2. A. O'Carroll, F. O'Reilly, D.L. Whitford
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  3. A. Kruse, C. Ding-Greiner, G. Beckerr, C. Stolla, A.-M. Becker, D. Baiker
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  4. K.M. Peters, C. Albus, M. Lungen, A. Niecke, H. Pfaff, C. Samel
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  6. S.A. Ghassemi Jahani, B. Danielsson, J. Karlsson, A.J. Danielsson
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    J Child Orthop, 2014 (8) (2014), pp. 423-433
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  7. S.A. Ghassemi Jahani, A. Danielsson, R. Ab-Fawaz, H. Hebelka, B. Danielson, H. Brisby
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    PLoS One, 11 (5) (2016), Article e0155493
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    Late-onset neurological symptoms in thalidomide-exposed subjects: a study of an Australasian cohort
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    J Hand Surg, 31 (3) (2006), pp. 342-344
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  11. A. Ekfeldt, G.E. Carlsson
    Dental status and oral function in an adult group of subjects with thalidomide embryopathy - a clinical and questionnaire study
    Acta Odontol Scand, 66 (5) (2008), pp. 300-306
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  12. L. Sjogreen, S. Kiliaridis
    Facial palsy in individuals with thalidomide embryopathy: frequency and characteristics
    J Laryngol Otol, 126 (9) (2012), pp. 902-906
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  13. T. Shiga, T. Shimbo, A. Yoshizwa
    Multicentre investigation of lifestyle-related diseases and visceral disorders in thalidomide embryopathy at around 50 years of age
    Birth Defects Res (Part A), 103 (2015), pp. 787-793
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Mental Health

  1. K. Imai, I. Toshiharu, M. Yamamoto, K. Komatsu, Y. Nukui, A. Yoshizawa
    Psychological and mental health problems in patients with thalidomide embryopathy in Japan
    Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, 68 (6) (2014), pp. 479-486
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  2. A. Niecke, K. Peters, C. Samel, et al.
    Mental disorders in people affected by thalidomide—a cross-sectional study of prevalence and psychosocial needs
    Dtsch Arztebl Int, 114 (2017), pp. 168-174
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Quality Of Life

  1. C. Kennelly, M. Kelson, J. Riesel
    Thalidomide-impaired People: Quality of Life
    The College of Health/Thalidomide Society (2002)
  2. R. Kayamori
    Post-thalidomide syndrome 50 Years on
    Jpn J Rehabilit Med, 2013 (50) (2013), pp. 957-996
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  3. I. Nippert, B. Edler, C. Schmidt-Herterich
    40 Years later: the health related quality of life of women affected by thalidomide
    Community Genet, 5 (2002), pp. 209-216
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  4. N. Bent, A. Tennant, V. Neumann, M.A. Chamberlain
    Living with thalidomide: health status and quality of life at 40 years
    Prosthet Orthot Int, 31 (2) (2007), pp. 147-156
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  5. Vermette and Benegabi
    Study on the Current Living Conditions of Canadian Thalidomide Survivors and Projections for the Future
    Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada (2013)
  6. E.M. Meyers, J.W. Jutai
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  7. D. Morrison
    Poor balance, bilateral upper limb phocomelia, no previous exercise: a challenging combination for fall prevention in a middle-aged thalidomide survivor
    BMJ Case Rep 2020;13

Other International Research

The Dysnet website contains a wealth of published and unpublished documents including research reports. Dysnet Website