Progress on Campaign against German Government

When the Campaigns Team met the German Government in July they were very reluctant to admit any moral responsibility for what happened – despite us presenting them with significant evidence to show that they played a key role in the Thalidomide scandal – but they stated clearly that they had a legal responsibility for individuals damaged by Thalidomide that was manufactured in Germany.

We have now presented them with evidence showing that the Thalidomide-component for the drugs taken by our mothers was manufactured in Germany and they have acknowledged this and , as the Sunday Times (article 29.11.2015) said, have written to say that individual Thalidomiders in the UK should apply to the Contergan Foundation (which is the German equivalent of the Trust and is funded by the German Government)

This is an important step forward but there is a lot of further work still to do - as we do not feel it is appropriate for each individual beneficiary of the Trust to have to go through the complicated process of making a claim and we want the Germans to accept a single claim on behalf of all beneficiaries who have been accepted by the Trust.