NAC: Health & Wellbeing Committee Highlights – Shaping Future Support

Department for Work and PensionsFeedback from the NAC and beneficiary consultation on the Government's Health & Disability Green Paper

Carolyn Desforges - NAC Co-chair of the Health and Wellbeing Committee

Thank You!

During September 2021, the NAC led a consultation with beneficiaries on the government's proposals to review the benefits that support people with health conditions and disabilities.

We held three zoom consultations on the Meetup platform, gathered responses to the government’s questions via the NAC Facebook group, and received emails with people's views.

Thank you so much to all the 37 beneficiaries who took part, sharing views and personal stories. We have really had some interesting and stimulating discussions.

How We Responded

In October, we submitted our collated response to the government. You can read the submitted NAC response here.

Throughout, we have been liaising with Trust staff. The Health & Wellbeing team have supported many of us whilst we have been applying for benefits, and have gained knowledge and opinions on how the benefits and process of application could be improved.

We decided that it would be most effective to submit two responses on behalf of thalidomiders to ensure key messages are repeated on behalf of our community. Katy Sagoe has submitted the collated response from Trust staff. You can read the submitted Trust response here.

What Next?

This consultation is part of a long government process, so it might be a while before we hear about what changes the government decides to propose. We will keep you up-to-date with any progress in future newsletters.

Read more from the NAC in the full Autumn 2021 Newsletter (PDF)


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