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      Charlotte Black

      …and did you know they can make you happier?

      In conjunction with World Mental Health Day and the launch of our new Emotional Wellbeing pages we’ve been talking about pets a lot here in the Trust.

      There’s scientific evidence that shows having a pet can improve your mental health and even help you live longer!  Read our positive impact of pets page to learn more.

      Do you have any pets? What are they like?

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      Danielle Goodwin

      I have a cat called Olaf. He has huge ears and is going to be one in November. Despite being quite independent and enjoying spending lots of time outside with the other cats in his cat gang, Olaf is very loving and has lots of purrs to share. He puts up with the shrieking and stroking (mauling!) from the kids well and gives a warning paw shot – mostly without claws – to show his displeasure. I grew up with cats and this is my first cat with a family of my own. Olaf is a wonderful addition to our family and if I’m ever feeling a bit sad or a bit low, I know I can put my head on his fluffy tummy for a little purr and a bit of love, which makes me feel much better.



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      Katy Sagoe

      anastiasia2We must be cat people at the Trust – this is Anastasia. She is just as haughty as her name suggests, but it is lovely to find her looking out for me when I come home from work and she always knows just when I need a cuddle.

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      Katy Sagoe

      I hope cats have the same positive effect that this article showed for dogs!


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      Fiona Carr

      Totally agree Mike and I have a large norweigian forest cat that thinks hes a dog

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