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      Charlotte Black

      Physio is a great way to manage pain, stretch out your muscles and learn what is best for your body. Have you ever had a physio session?

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      I have a local physio group who I use – they specialise in sports injury and I would throughly recommend anyone who is looking for regular treatment to find a similar practice.  Although our aches and pains aren’t sports injuries, they often caused by over using or stressing a joint or muscle group.

      The good thing about using a physio BEFORE you have serious problems is that the physio can get to know what is “normal” for you.

      Private physios tend to be a bit more “hands on” using manipulation, massage and devices to help get to deep seated knots and tension.

      My physio also uses acupuncture – I’ve had treatment via acupuncture needles before and I find it really effective.  Although it looks like it should hurt, the needles they use are very fine and are tapped just a few millimetres into the skin – it really doesn’t hurt.

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      Helen Shore

      Hi Charlotte,

      I have had physio treatment numerous times. I have been treated with exercises, taping, massage, manipulation, and ultrasound. In my 30s and 40s I used to take numerous medications for pain (up to and including morphine) but physio and massage and now yoga have me pain free and drug free!

      I think it is really important to find a physio who you can grow to trust and never be afraid to say “that is not good for the way my body works”

      You are the expert on your body and they must be willing to listen to your input and respect your knowledge.

      Hope this helps someone to give it a go if they are hesitant.

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