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      Annabelle Blackham

      Whether you are in self-isolation or you are social distancing everyone is in circumstances unknown…

      Please post your ideas & suggestions here of how you are keeping your spirits up and looking after your well-being.

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      Charlotte Black

      Hi Annabelle,

      We’ve had the following message from a beneficiary which may be useful for everyone:

      If anyone is alone or vulnerable, start a grocery account online (with Sainsbury’s), on the address page is a box that says delivery instructions and just say vulnerable, in wheelchair and hard to get to shops. They will then prioritise they say for online delivery in situation.

      Do not know about other retailers as I always have used Sainsbury’s online and if one has a nectar card link it.

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        Annabelle Blackham

        That’s really useful, thank you Charlotte.

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      Annabelle Blackham

      Did anyone see the Sofa Singers article on the news last night (18/3/20).

      The Sofa Singers is a free & weekly online singing event that aims to bring people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection.  Set up by vocal leader James Sills as a response to global self isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak, The Sofa Singers  bring together hundreds of people in real time for 45 minute choir rehearsals, learning a classic song with some optional harmonies/backing parts.

      The next rehearsal takes place on Friday 20/3/20 at 7:30pm – you can register from 7:30pm on Thursday 19/3/20.

      For more information and to get involved copy & paste this address into your browser –


      Gareth Malone, of the Choir, currently himself in isolation, will shortly be releasing details of an ‘at home’ digital choir. You’ll find more details here when they are released.



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      Berrisford Boothe


      So the other day (early last week), I went to the supermarket when it was beginning to become clear that something significant was about to happen. The tide of “normal” behavior was about to come to an end. The barometric pressure of emotion sensed something different in the air. I prepped! I brought my small bottle of hand sanitizer, I brought a wet wiping cloth to clean off the shopping cart handle and used those same antiseptic wipes to pick up the tongs to get my food at the hot bar, etc. I made sure not to touch my face! I did my best to maintain 6 feet (two meters) whenever possible from every other shopper – even though they were at least 200 people in the store and it was clear to me that some of those people were most likely carriers. But unlike (let’s say the Philippines)… There’s nothing in place as yet across America to test people’s temperatures and make sure that the infected aren’t walking around infecting the rest of us.

      I got home. I took my time brought the bags in, (I had ankle tendon surgery 4 months ago). And once I got into the kitchen, I started unpacking… I was hungry and grabbed a packet of something I bought that I wanted to eat. Without thinking about it, I put the bag in my mouth used my right hand – the better of the two- held it, used my mouth to tear the bag open which is what I’ve done virtually every day of my independent life.

      Then it occurred to me! We thalidomiders are a specific group that is accustomed to using their mouths/teeth as a hand to open bags, bottles of water, to hold items while we work! For ALL my precautions, if the virus was on the bag …I just put it in my mouth!! That’s DIRECT transmission!!! It was both funny, sad, and terrifying! And now besides having to be as mindful as everyone else who is able-bodied, I had to plant a seed in my head that my “independent gesture” of using my mouth to tear open bags, to chomp and take the top of a soda pop bottle by holding the cap in my teeth and turning the bottle,…all those methods that are now ‘second nature’ to me, now create an additional, more immediate route for the virus into my body/system!


      I/we have to rewrite the “how-to” book (again) at this point in our lives..😞


      Stay safe. Keep your mouths closed. No common objects must touch ur lips!!

      Have your PA/family/partner sterile wipe all items that are delivered to your home! Have them use a glove to open mail/packages, etc. and present the letter or contents to you. If it’s products ordered via Amazon, etc. have them wipe those with a hydrogen peroxide/water solution. It’s not going to just happen. We’re too good at these “adaptive measures.” Just be aware. That’s the win!

      Stay safe.

      Fight on!👊🏽




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      Katy Sagoe

      Thank you Berrisford, this is really thought provoking. Your advice is very sound. As we are all trying not to touch or faces, you may all have to give up some more independence temporarily and rely on others to open things for you – if you can

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      Thankfully, Tesco (who I’ve used for home deliveries since 2002) seem to be relatively unaffected in terms of availability of delivery slots.  I have booked up a slot once a week for the next month.  No toilet paper though!

      I prepared for Brexit my buying some additional tinned tomatoes, pasta and spaghetti, so I have plenty of that (I only eat pasta/spaghetti about once a week).


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      Annabelle Blackham

      Take a look at Explore.org – live webcams of animals around the world from bald eagles to pandas. Lets us know which ones you have particularly enjoyed.

      If you are a Night Owl you can see the Aurora Borealis via Live Cam on here too. The best time to try is between 10pm & 4am. Good luck!

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      Alan Rogers

      While this conovirus situation exists shopping is a problem! If you use home delivery always mention at some point in ‘driver delivery’ notes that you are disabled. I did this on my first order since moving house to Devon, which of course was useful when Sainsbury’s limited their home delivery service, they picked up on my comment and allowed me access to the delivery section for vulnerable/Disabled clients which is a godsend as my helper also falls into the vulnerable section due to the fact she is 98 years old and is not allowed to leave the house for 12 weeks. I was able to place my order without a problem.

      I have also arranged with our village shop to phone them with a food order (fresh bread, milk etc) which they get ready for me to collect and they even put it in the car for me. I only go in the shop to pay.

      lastly I have arranged for a friend to be on standby to do my in village shopping if I have to self isolate at some point

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      Carolyn Desforges

      Hi, spurred on by my son, I am actually doing 20 mins of yoga each morning. We really like a lady called Sarah Beth who explains things really clearly. We use her U Tube videos which we put on through the TV in the living room. She can be quite advanced, but I find I go as far as my body allows. I have short arms and use her “hands free” videos or those for “sore wrists/shoulders”. I adapt occasionally as I do have dodgy knees and can’t “flow” as easily but it makes me feel good and gives me a bit more routine during these isolated times.

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      Annabelle Blackham

      Thank you for your post Alan. It is good to have ‘just in case’ people in place as you have.


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      Annabelle Blackham

      Thank you Carolyn. Has anyone else tried Sarah Beth’s videos? Yoga is a good ‘in the moment’ activity as you concentrate on breathing and placement.

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      Helen Shore

      Hi Carolyn,

      the lady that did one to one yoga with me is now doing her classes online and I have joined in albeit changing the odd exercise to protect my shoulders! The odd thing is that doing the classes 3 times a week means I miss it now on the other days so we are trying to persuade her to record and upload the classes so we can do it every day! It’s very addictive this exercise stuff but gentle enough that you don’t hurt if you do it every day

      I do like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube too – she does a few 30 day practices!

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      Helen Shore

      I just discovered that my local shop is doing deliveries to people who need to self isolate too which is definitely good to know if I need it at any time

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      Helen Shore

      I haven’t tried hers yet Annabelle but I do do Yoga with Adriene and she is really good. Just don’t do what you can’t manage or adapt it so it doesn’t cause you any discomfort or do another exercise while the video completes that one

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      Helen Shore

      It would be good to know what the Gareth Malone choir details are when they are released


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      Annabelle Blackham

      Hi Helen,

      You can register and join the Great British Home Chorus via this link –

      Gareth Malone’s National Choir


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      Marie Pearse

      During this  COVID-19 pandemic.  I have been social distancing, taking daily outside walking exercise.  I have still been shopping under the guidelines.

      ifeeling very healthy and well , with no symptoms. I have been still going shopping following guidelines.  If for any reason in the future I have to isolate. There are local resources where I can order shopping ie farm shop with butchers. Are local butchers which the sham another outlet in the farm shop.  I do believe online shopping in supermarkets have all slots filled with dates only available  at the end of the month.

      so I have been daily  exercise img watching tv be it besets, films or documentaries & listening to music.  I do have a source of excerise dvds if I feel the inclination to do so.


      In the mean time everyone keep well & safe.  Hopefully it will be over soon.



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      Helen Shore

      Good to know you are doing ok Marie

      Keep safe

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      Helen Shore

      Thanks Annabelle

      I signed up to the Chorus today 🎶🎶🎶

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      Annabelle Blackham

      Another top tip from a beneficiary…..

      The National Theatre is streaming hit shows on Thursday nights at 7pm Jane Eyre tonight (9/4) ,

      Treasure Island 16/4

      and Twelfth Night on 23/4.

      You can find them on the National Theatre’s You Tube channel and each run for a week up until the next play.

      Thank you!

      Please keep these great ideas coming!

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      Darren Mansell

      Hi All

      Heard off my social worker the other day. The guidelines for getting help has changed.

      It now includes disabled people.

      Get them to send you the link to GoodSam which is the RVS and others help system.

      Within an hour of registering, I had a call from a ‘responder’ asking my needs and arranging for my shopping to be done in the next few days. They buy and pay for the shopping and then the local CVS service get you to pay them electronically and this is then sent to the responder, therefore no worries about card and pin numbers.

      Worth doing if you have to go shopping together with your carers.

      Contact your social worker or local authority adult care team.

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      Liz Buckle

      Hi everyone. It took some time for them to set this up, but my local Council has now started to arrange for a volunteer shopper to do my shopping for me in our nearest town, Oban. The local supermarkets have been impossible, they don’t do home deliveries to my area anyway, and the Click-and-Collect scheme I normally use is completely booked up at all times, has been all through the Covid crisis so far.  So this is a potentially good solution, someone doing my shop for me and putting it on the ferry for me to pick up on our island pier. Sounds like similar to the scheme Darren is using? If anyway needs this kind of approach, maybe ask your local authority what is available?

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      Annabelle Blackham

      A podcast from Dr Chatterjee of @Doctor in the House’ fame about food and feelings during Lockdown 3.



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      Helen Shore

      Good podcast from Rangan Chattergee Annabelle – he always talks sense!

      “Make it easy on yourself – if you make it too hard you will never stick to it”

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        We are his number one fans and groupies 🙂

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