About Thalidomide

When was the first Thalidomide baby born?
How many babies were affected by Thalidomide?
What sort of damage did Thalidomide cause to babies whose mothers took the drug?
How long did it take for the link between Thalidomide and birth defects to be identified and the drug taken off the market?
When was Thalidomide available in the UK?
How many babies affected by Thalidomide in the UK are still alive today?
What sort of problems has their Thalidomide damage caused them?
Do people born with Thalidomide damage have children with similar disabilities?
Did the people born in the UK with Thalidomide damage receive compensation?
What does the Thalidomide Trust do?
What do I do if I think I was affected by my mother taking Thalidomide when she was pregnant?
Is it true that the campaign to get proper compensation for Thalidomide survivors in the UK continues?
Where can I find out more about Thalidomide in the UK?