Since 31 January 2018, the sole trustee of the Thalidomide Trust has been ‘Thalidomide Trust Company’. The individuals who served as charity Trustees before that date now serve as the directors of the Trustee company. However, we continue to refer them as Trustees internally for continuity and because their role within the Trust remains unchanged.

To fulfil their role effectively, it is important that Trustees understand the needs and lived experience of beneficiaries, so we have introduced a number of different Beneficiary Engagement activities to support this.

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Meet our current Trustees

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Mark Spofforth Trustee

Mark Spofforth OBE

David Body Trustee

David Body

Shan Abdullah

Mark Benstead Trustee

Mark Benstead

Ruthe Isden Trustee

Ruthe Isden

Adrian Newland

Professor Adrian Newland CBE

Andrew Owens Trustee

Professor Andrew Owens

Dame Caroline Swift Thalidomide Trust Trustee

Dame Caroline Swift

Rosemary Varley Trustee

Professor Rosemary Varley