Employing A Personal Assistant

Need a bit of help with every day activities at home? Employing a personal assistant (PA) can really help make life easier.

Getting a PA can seem a bit daunting at first, simply knowing where to start can be a challenge; but it doesn’t have to be.

Our information in this section will provide all you need to know – and you can read about other beneficiaries’ experiences.

What is a Personal Assistant (PA)?

A PA is someone you can employ to provide care, and to support you at home with your daily routine. They can help with things like personal care, cooking, cleaning, shopping and getting to work, medical appointments or social activities.

Click on the sections below to find out how to go about employing a PA.


Paying for your PA

Things to consider


How to employ a PA

Making a success of having a PA


Beneficiaries' Experiences

Read about the experiences of recruiting a PA and the benefits that this has made to the lives of some of our beneficiaries.


Mandy’s Story

Roz and Bob’s Story

Simone’s Story

Geoff’s Story

Geraldine’s Story