Michael Brear

NAC Stories: Muscle Spasms

31st January 2023

Trust medical adviser, Susan Brennan, advises on what can be done to ease muscle spasms […]

Mandy pictured smiling in a garden in summer

Mandy’s Sight Story

21st November 2022

Mandy de la Mare tells her story of sight loss and giving support to others […]

Graphic of an eye with diagonal lines across half the eye

Living With Low Vision

Our beneficiary shares their experience of losing their sight and being confirmed with low vision […]

Geraldine Freeman

NAC Stories: Travel Traumas

27th October 2022

Is the world going backwards in terms of disability equality? Geraldine Freeman shares her experiences […]

Lorraine with a specially modified walking frame for people with short arms

Happiness Is Hip-Shaped

5th May 2022

Lorraine shares her experience of getting the go-ahead for her hip operation and successfully recovering […]