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Carolyns Story

28th March 2018

Planning and Managing my Hip Replacement   Carolyn found herself needing a hip replacement four years ago, she shared […]

Carolyn Gardening

Ramesh’s Gym Workout

Ramesh has shared his amazing workouts to inspire others to develop an exercise regime to suit their needs. […]

BBC Wales – Plastic Straw Ban

23rd March 2018

“The anti-plastic straw debate has enraged me because it has been one-sided. No-one has consulted disabled people.” Thalidomide […]

New Year, New You?

22nd February 2018

We do it every year, don’t we? Scarcely have the bells chimed in the New Year, than we’re […]

Opposition to Enoch Powell plaque

13th February 2018

Thalidomide Trust beneficiary Catherine Bulmer has expressed her opposition to the proposed blue plaque for MP Enoch Powell. The […]

Stannah Launches new Balance App

6th December 2017

Stannah Stairlifts has launched a free app to help you monitor and improve your balance. It can be downloaded onto […]