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Senior Management Team

Deborah Jack Executive Director I have overall responsibility for ensuring the Trust is operating effectively and legally, using resources wisely and responding in the best possible way to the changing needs of beneficiaries. I also act as the central contact point for our funders – Diageo and the four UK Health & Social Care Departments.
Suzanne Lluch
Suzanne Lluch Finance Director I am responsible for the financial planning and financial management of the Trust. I oversee the Grant payments allocated and distributed to the Trust’s beneficiaries and ensure that financial support is available for them. I also monitor the performance of the Trust’s investment portfolio.
Katy Sagoe Director of Health & Wellbeing I have responsibility for ensuring that we understand and respond to the health and wellbeing needs of beneficiaries and manage the fantastic team of committed H&W staff. As part of the senior management team I also contribute to the strategic direction of the Trust.

Health & Wellbeing Team

Dr Susan Brennan
Dr Susan Brennan MBChB MRCGP Trust Medical Adviser I’m a GP and a medical adviser. One of my roles is to offer advice and support to our beneficiaries with health problems caused, or made worse, by thalidomide. I am also responsible for producing written and online information for beneficiaries to help with their health needs.
Dr Helen Smith Trust Medical Adviser
Dr Helen Smith MB ChB MRCGP Trust Medical Adviser I am a GP and medical adviser. I help support beneficiaries in understanding their health issues and liaise with GPs and specialists to offer advice on how best to support beneficiaries. I also help identify and support specialists with extra knowledge of thalidomide related problems to ensure excellent care is provided.
Dr Tim Fenn
Dr Tim Fenn MBBS MRCGP (2006) Trust Medical Adviser I am a GP and Trust Medical Adviser. I help support beneficiaries in understanding their health better and liaise with GPs and consultants. I also host webinars to help keep beneficiaries up to date on the best ways to improve their health.
Hannah Overton
Hannah Overton H&W Coordinator (Beneficiaries Who Lack Capacity) My background is in supporting adults with learning disabilities and cognitive impairments. I work with our beneficiaries who lack the capacity to manage their own finances, supporting them and their families to access any financial, health and wellbeing support they need.
Sally Sheehy
Sally Sheehy H&W Coordinator (Complex Cases) My background is health and social care. My role in the team is to respond to beneficiaries and keep pace with their changing and complex needs. I complete HNAs and provide support to navigate services and assist beneficiaries in obtaining appropriate help to maximise their independence.
Claire Blythe
Claire Blythe H&W Coordinator (Independence & Care) I am a registered Social Worker with a background in Adult Social Care. My role is to support beneficiaries to access the services they are entitled to, whilst promoting autonomy and independence. I complete HNAs and respond to day to day queries that arise as beneficiaries contact the trust.
Cheryl Pinkney
Cheryl Pinkney H&W Manager I manage the H&W Admin team. I assist the medical advisers in supporting beneficiaries with health issues; process new applications to the Trust; and am involved in the administration of research projects. I offer support to beneficiaries and meet with beneficiaries to complete HNAs.
Michelle Robinson
Michelle Robinson Complex Cases & Senior Wellbeing Adviser My role is alongside Cheryl’s as first point of contact for beneficiaries to the Health & Wellbeing team. I act as Katy’s PA and also assist the Health and Wellbeing coordinators in supporting beneficiaries. I offer support to beneficiaries by phone, email, or face to face. I also carry out HNAs.
Annabelle Blackham Beneficiary Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator I work with Cheryl and Michelle as a first point of contact for beneficiaries. I am responsible for Volunteer recruitment, development and identifying beneficiaries requirements that can be met by our volunteers.
Danielle Goodwin Medical Support & Wellbeing Adviser My main focus is to provide admin support to the Medical Advisers and to administer the Trust’s Private Referrals Process. In partnership with other Wellbeing Advisers, I also provide support to beneficiaries, act as a lead administrator for medical research projects and support the Trusts’ HNA programme.
Louise Millsip
Louise Millsip Health & Wellbeing Administrator

Finance Team

Jeff Prevost Finance Coordinator (Beneficiary Support) I provide support to beneficiaries with regards to a range of financial matters including: payment requests; developing personalised budget plans, applications for Advances; providing guidance on mortgage lending, and information on Wills, trusts and Power of Attorney.
Keith Everest
Keith Everest Senior Finance Officer I maintain the Trust’s financial records, produce financial and management reporting, and liaise with the Trust’s auditors to make sure our accounts are accurate. I manage the Finance Assistant in their role of making payments to suppliers, beneficiaries, and volunteers.
Wendy Cann Finance Assistant I work in the finance team and assist with maintaining the Trust’s financial records. My main focus is making grant payments to beneficiaries and expenses to suppliers, volunteers and staff.

Trust Management & Support Team

Lynsey Clarke
Lynsey Clarke Office Manager/Executive Assistant to the Executive Director I am responsible for HR for the Trust, Managing the Office (and budgets), CRM IT System, Governance and am EA to Deborah. I am part of the Management Team and provide leadership and manage the Admin Officers.
Sarah Holyoak
Sarah Holyoak Administrative Officer With Bex, I am one of the first points of contact on the phones and manage the beneficiaries AA car breakdown scheme. I work to support the Trust with all Admin tasks including sending communications to our beneficiaries and the day to day running of the office.
Bex Chamberlain
Bex Chamberlain Administrative Officer (Maternity Cover) Working alongside Sarah, I am one of the first points of contact at the Trust. As a member of the admin team my role involves general admin, sending beneficiary communications, and helping ensure the smooth running of the office.
Charlotte Black
Charlotte McCawley Senior Administrative Officer I am on Maternity Leave until July 2024.