man with urinary issues

A Wee Problem

10th June 2020

A “wee” problem? For men, having problems weeing is very common as you get older. […]


Feeling Anxious?

18th May 2020

Feeling anxious about Covid-19? We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times and many of […]

stethoscope checking heart for health

How healthy is your heart?

29th May 2019

Are you more at risk because of thalidomide? We’re all getting older – at least […]

Dan Howarth Head of Diabetes Care

Blood Sugar Testing For Diabetes

1st April 2019

New technology may help overcome challenges of blood sugar testing for diabetes in Thalidomide survivors […]

pacing to manage pain

Pacing For Pain

28th January 2019

Find out how to put some ‘pacing’ into your life, using activity to manage pain […]