Social care - Getting the Support you need at home

As we get older more and more of us need support to go about our daily lives – not just so we can stay in our homes for longer, but also so we can take part in our communities and live our lives to the full.

You may need support with your day to day routine at home, and Local Authorities have a major part to play in providing it.

You have a right to get the support you need but some Local Authorities are not as geared up to provide it as others. They are working hard at getting it right but it may take time for you to get what you need.

It can be frustrating but don’t give up. Your local authority, local disability organisations, the Thalidomide Trust and other agencies can all help you get the right support for you.

Read our advice below to find out how to get the support you need – it’s definitely worth fighting for!


What is Social Care?

What kind of social care is available?

How do I access social care?

What is a “Care and Support Needs assessment”?

How is a Social Care Assessment carried out?

What Happens After the Assessment?

What is a Personal Budget?

How do Personal Budgets work?

What is Commissioned Care?

What are Direct Payments?

What are the benefits of Direct Payments?

How will my care be monitored?

If you want to know more about getting the right support at home you may find these links helpful:-

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